Classroom coaching complimented with power point way of learning

Visualizing the concepts what are taught, is more meaningful and easy to corelate with the theory as well as easy to register in mind.

Individual Counselling to students time-to- time

With the help of individual counselling, the drawbacks of any student are identified and addressed through counselling to bridge their shortfalls which shall help students not only in their academics but overall rapid progress..

Worksheets provided for grammar & writing skill practice

Worksheet based practice sessions are conducted to make grammar concepts more clearer and making “skilled writing” more effective.

Specialized workshops during Diwali vacations on English Language, Grammar & Writing for Std VIII, IX & X students

Additional workshops are conducted during vacation time, which will give students more insights on the subject matter and techniques to understand

Mock board exam conducted in school on a similar board pattern which includes board type answer sheets, issuance of students’ hall ticket and holocraft stickers to give confidence to students

These are the prototype of board exams that are conducted and arranged in one of the schools. These exams are on the similar board pattern which includes board type answer sheets, issuance of students’ hall ticket and holocraft stickers to give confidence to students

Extensive practice of science practicals

Science practicals are also conducted to give students extra hands on experience to succeed in their practical exams.

Seminars for Students – Motivational speeches to inspire students

We always motivate students towards positive and good thinking as well as how to be more effective in their studies. Our motivational speeches always inspire students on these lines.

Seminars for Parents – The art of Parenting

It is a specially designed seminar for parents which helps them in overall understanding of their child’s aspects and work on shortfalls, if any, in overall nurturing of their child.

Handwriting improvement

For helping students learn better, it is important that one should have a good handwriting. Even it helps you to get good marks in exams. It reflects your personality and keeps you focused. We at Vidya Vardhini, through our activity make sure that our students get motivated to gain advantages of good handwriting

Engineering drawing activity

This activity builds the skill of accurecy, increases the power of visualizing.

Bird watching / Excursion

It introudces students to the real world and also helps in exploring their liking towards various other subject lines.

Career Motivation Lectures

It is the essential and most important activity. These lectures always shows students the right path and right direction to think and prepare themselves for their future aspirations.

For Parents - Art of parenting

For parents it is always imortant to know what role they can play in building their child's future. We assist them in knowing how they can contribute towards it.

Lecture on Distraction (social media)

Social media is a platform that can be effectively used. We help them understand Do's and Don'ts about social media.

Educational Trip

These are study tours conducted for students to give them practical and real life experience.